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FIR HDL Writer  v.0.9

FIR HDL Writer is an EDA tool which generates FIR filters in clear text Verilog which may be synthesized to FPGA's or ASIC's.

CypherM  v.1.3

CypherM is an application that can be used to cipher clear text, using classical encryption algorithms as "Caesar" or "Vigenere".


SuperGeek Free Document OCR  v.2.6.6

SuperGeek Free Document OCR directly converts almost all kinds of images into editable Text files or MS Word with accurate text formatting and spacing in just one click, saving time on manual retyping.

All Free OCR  v.3.1.9

All Free OCR provides an efficient solution for companies and users looking to efficiently manage their documents. It can extract text from images, scanned papers and scanned PDF documents to eliminate the need for retyping.

Free Easy OCR  v.2.3.9

Free Easy OCR directly converts image files like scanned documents in JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. into editable text.

Freemore OCR  v.3.5.2

Freemore OCR is designed to extract text from the image generated from digital cameras and mobile phones along with scanners. The accurate result can then be edited and saved to TXT and Word.

Free Image OCR  v.7.3.6

Free Image OCR allows the possibility to recognize the text contained within any scanned document or image and can make it fully selectable, searchable and editable.

PDF Background Image Remover  v.1.2.9

An application for Windows operating system to detect & remove watermark of text or background images from Acrobat PDF document is robust solution, clears watermark instantly. It helps in deleting stamp, logo, signature and header footer text.

HTMLPad 2007  v.8 31

HTML Notepad is a complete editor for documents and scripts for HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XHTML. User interface is clear and very complete: it remembers the Microsoft Office Style, which makes it easy to use.

PCISniffer  v.1.5

Areas of Use - PCI device detection for PCs - vendor and device names in plain text - displaying PCI configuration data - detecting PCI resource conflicts New in Version 1.

Free PDF Tablet  v.0.1

Free PDF Tablet is a smart, simple, small, and reliable PDF file reader. It allows you to instantly open and view any PDF files with just one click.

HotVT with SSH  v.2.0

HotVT-SSH ® allows access to host data as a separate application or by opening a terminal emulation session through the Microsoft browser.

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